Successful Development Of Our Portfolio Companies Sinpex And ALEIA

Successful development of our portfolio companies Sinpex and ALEIA

Our two portfolio companies, Sinpex and Aleia, in which we invested as warehousing deals in December 2021 and April 2022, respectively, continued to show traction and in 2022 and reached further new key milestones.


Sinpex headquartered in Munich offers cutting-edge NLP technologies to help financial institutions and top management consulting firms to manage regulatory and mandated compliance processes, with a strong focus on KYC processes. The Sinpex team led by the founder and CEO Camillo Werdich and co-founder and CTO Jannik Metzner was able to significantly advance the company in all key areas in 2022:

  • Sinpex was able to win important new clients. Arvato was acquired as the first major customer outside the financial sector and successfully went live; more than 700 customers have already been on-boarded for Arvato
  • The use of Linkedin as a dominant marketing/sales channel resulted in a strong increase in deal flow with 150 new leads since June.
  • By migrating to the cloud, Sinpex has successfully geared its product to scale more to serve large customers like Arvato. The application operates robustly and now allows it to manage more customers than before.
  • Team: Sinpex expanded its management team by Diane Siegloch in June as Head of Sales 
  • In its first full year of business after product launch, Sinpex has already closed a six-figure revenue.
  • In November, Sinpex achieved 2nd place at the prestigious Fintech Germany Award in the Seed Stage category.
  • Financing: Sinpex successfully completed its seed financing round and is preparing its Series A for 2023.

Also Paris-based ALEIA, an opened, industrialized, digitally sovereign and secured platform to create, deploy and operate AI applications, also achieved key milestones in 2022:

  • ALEIA launched its new AI-aaS platform at Big Data AI Paris,  
  • ALEIA signed multi-year contracts of € 4,3M (partially already booked in 2022)
  • A new project was acquired in the transportation sector with IA Cargo (with an estimated ARR of € 500K in 2023): trucks parking app for local authorities like Lyon and Nice, focussing on the optimization from road to rail/waterway route.
  • ALEIA expanded its team with 11 hirings in 2022 including senior hirings to strengthen projects and dev teams to a total of 41. 
  • In sales Alain Crozier, former CEO of Microsoft Asia, supports the Aleia sales team.
  • Only after 18 months, ALEIA entered the Frenchtech DeepNum20 index of the top Deeptech startups in France; ALEIA was selected as one of the first 20 most promising digital start-up amongst 4000 start-up; the FrenchTech DeepNum20 selection with Jean-Noël Barrot, French Ministry of Digital here
  • Financing: ALEIA completed its seed round with an additional € 1.3M in 2022 (total round since launch at the end of 2020: € 2,7M) and started talks with investors for its Series A.

We are confident that both teams will be able to continue their growth path also in 2023.

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