AI Stocks: The Next Phase Of The Megatrend

AI Stocks: The Next Phase of the Megatrend

Lena Waltle, Daniel Thomas Mayer, Philipp Heinrich, The Pioneer, April 2024

Led by Nvidia, AI stocks have soared to unprecedented heights over the past year. Now, investors need to reassess their AI holdings. The Pioneer highlights ten promising options, marking a new phase for AI stocks. The hype around AI stocks is evolving after a year of exuberance driven by new technologies. Tech stocks, led by Nvidia, saw substantial gains, but now a clear-eyed view of the market is crucial. According to Goldman Sachs, investors are moving from excitement to deployment, expecting a split among sector stocks. The outlook remains strong, with the global AI market expected to reach €12 trillion by 2030.

Investor Hauke Hansen, AI.FUND sees AI technology still in its infancy, akin to an early-generation iPhone. Long-term success hinges on companies providing sustainable growth and competitive edge.

The Pioneer identifies ten stocks benefiting from the AI trend, including developers, security firms, and consultants, ideal for a growth-focused portfolio.

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