AI.FUND is a highly-focused entrepreneurial investment fund committed to empower economic growth and prosperity through the development and adoption of AI solutions from Europe.


When referencing AI.FUND, use our logo mark. Do not modify our logos in any way. Do not use AI.FUND’s branding for your own open or closed source projects. AI.FUND should always be referred to as just AI.FUND. No tagline below it, and written with all CAPS (AI.FUND). The color logo should always be on a white background, with enough padding when placed on a page or around other page or graphic elements. Only the two primary brand colors should be used.


Our logo mark is also available in black and white. All rules for our primary logo apply to these as well, except the background color can vary.



The color palette should cover all the required colors. The options are reduced so not to dilute the brand visuals, and keep the designs clean and recognizable.

AI.FUND Magenta

Pantone: Process Magenta C
Hex: #e30276
RGB: 227, 2, 118
CMYK: 5%, 100%, 21%, 0%


Pantone: 306 C
Hex: #00b5e2
RGB: 0, 181, 226
CMYK: 71%, 6%, 4%, 0%


Pantone: Process Magenta C
Hex: #5b6a7d
RGB: 91, 106, 125
CMYK: 69%, 53%, 37%, 12%


Primary Font

Open Sans is to be used for most marketing materials. It has been chosen for its wide font weights, clear legibility, and compatibility with online and offline use. This version contains the complete 897 character set, which includes the standard ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greek and Cyrillic character sets.

Secondary Font

Arial is used as the secondary font, and is the preferred font to be used on presentations and other offline documents and stationery. It has been chosen for its basic font weights, clear legibility, and compatibility with offline use.


To download logos, icons, or this brand guide, please use the links below:


If you have any questions regarding the brand guidelines, need the logo in a specific file format, or photos of our executive staff for PR, please contact the Marketing team at: